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Our Story

I'm Miles O'Brien, the founder of Met Where You Are. I'm a LPC Associate supervised by Susanne Fred, LPC-S. My approach is to meet you where you are with empathy and caring. To support you in life regardless of what you have been through. Regardless of if you hate yourself or love yourself or how stuck you feel. I hope to support you to reach your goals, and if I can't, to help you find someone who can. 


This space is for you. What do you want to do? Who do you want to become? Whether all hope is lost or you just can't figure something out. Whether you have been diagnosed with a disorder, you just don't feel happy where you are, or you want to learn how to be healthier. My approach helps you become more of who you are and be whole again.

Our Room

We are located at 
5004 Thompson Terrace 
Suite 112 
Colleyville, TX 76034

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Our Focus

We meet you where you are, regardless of what you have been through. We also focus on:


Feeling lost

Helping helpers

Emotional balance

Reaching goals

Bipolar 1 and 2





Feeling Lost

Feeling lost can be overwhelming. Having questions like "Where am I?", "How did I get here?", "Who am I?" are normal when lost. I can help you get clarity, find tools, and create goals that align with your values.

Helping Helpers

Do you give more than you receive? A lot of times people who help others aren't helped. Sometimes it can be hard to say no. Do you feel like you want to be able to take care of yourself and others?

Diagnosed Disorders

Being diagnosed with a mental disorder can make you feel better or worse. It can be confusing and can feel alienating. Whether you are living with autism, bipolar, borderline, anxiety, depression, or something else. We can find ways for you to live based on what you value and what experiences you have gone through.

Reaching Goals

Do you feel like you can never get what you want? That something is keeping you from reaching your goals? I can help you take a step back, see different perspectives, and learn how to move forward.

Emotional Balance

Do you value stability? What does stability look like to you? Whether you feel stable and want to stay that way or you feel like life has thrown you around and you feel like you have nothing to grab onto. I can support you to be grounded, have healthy relationships, and build a support system.


A helpful definition of trauma is something that overwhelms our coping skills, then leaves us different as we move forward. - Dr. Paul Conti

Trauma can be extremely hard to live with. You have value and I wish you didn't go through trauma. We can get to the root of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to help you heal.

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